Interior Painting

When choosing a professional painter for painting inside your home, you have hundreds of choices. Our customers choose us for their interior painting for many reasons, including our excellent quality, attention to detail, professionalism and years of experience.

Whether a single wall or a whole home, painting can turn out to be a more difficult task than anticipated. Let the pros at Ace of Diamonds Painting take care of the job for you, and say goodbye to stress and hello to a great experience and exceptional result!

Why choose us? Ace of Diamonds Painting goes the extra mile!

Prep Work

A quality interior paint job requires extensive preparation. In fact, prep work is about 90% of a quality interior paint job. When painting inside your home special care is needed. First of all, any flooring needs to be taped off and masked using plastic (drop sheets are risky and are usually dirty from being used outdoors), all furniture needs to be moved to center of the room or out of the area entirely with care and attention, pictures, light fixtures, blinds, window treatments, and switches need to be carefully removed and kept separately neatly and organized, all cobwebs need to be removed, and all base boards and door jams need to be wiped clean of any existing debris.

Protecting Your Home

Traditionally when people paint the interior surfaces in their home, professionals and homeowners alike will simply cover the flooring near the surface with drop cloths. This is an easier solution as opposed to masking the entire floor and can lead to problems while painting. For example, paint can bleed and penetrate through cloth, wetting the surface beneath it. Also, if someone accidentally steps in wet paint, once they leave the covered area the areas left unmasked are in danger of getting wet paint on them. To avoid such problems Ace of Diamonds masks the entire floor of the room or rooms that it is painting as well as whatever flooring we may need to walk on while in your home. Its just one more step that takes more time in the beginning to avoid time consuming clean up, and headaches for you, the homeowner.

All edges masked perfectlyMasking

If you want perfect straight lines every time, where one color meets another, then the process called tape caulking is required. This process requires taping smooth all surfaces the opposing color will come into contact with, then you seal that tape line with a bead of caulk. The caulk used needs to be high quality preferably 950A 55 year warranty caulking from Sherwin Williams. Lower quality caulking has longer dry times and if painted over to soon can suck pigment out of paint. Tape caulking requires skill and experience, if it is not done just right the end result will suffer. It is a combination of timing and accuracy that will lead to the most professional possible results