Exterior Paint Service

At Ace of Diamonds Painting, we are experts when it comes to quality exterior painting. We know the key to every great exterior paint job is the preparation work. In fact prep work accounts for 70-80% of a good paint job.

Our system has been developed over years of experience to ensure maximum value and protection for years to come on every job. Our experienced painting technicians are skilled in an extensive range of services, including exterior prep, painting, carpentry, power washing, repair, and restoration or replacement, and much more. All work is delivered with precision and care to meet the highest standards, both the industry’s and our own.

Our Process

  •   Full power-washFull power wash using detergent to remove dirt, debris, and mildew

    Power washing is the first step to a good paint job. Washing is done to remove dirt, debris, pollen and mildew, (If the mildew on your house is significant you will want to use an environmentally friendly detergent ) further it removes some of the chalking paint from previous paint jobs. After a thorough wash the new paint that is applied will adhere better, bonding to the old surface. Thus, the job will last longer, saving you money in the long run.


  •   Mask unpainted surfacesFull mask of unpainted surfaces including brick, windows, fixtures, and roof-line - Coverage of decorative landscaping

    Masking the house the right way is hard and takes a lot of skill. The reason many homeowners choose not to paint their own home is the difficulty of this task. If this is not done professionally it can be the difference in a job that sparkles and a job that looks bad. When prepping the home this is the most time consuming task and must be done right

  •  Scraping of old paintScraping to remove old peeling paint, feather sanding of bare wood for better surface area and a smooth finish

    Areas of peeling an flaking paint need to be scraped, and sanded. Some contractors will only scrape off the visibly peeling paint, this technique will not provide a lasting job. If the areas are not sanded the new paint will not stick as well. Those areas need to be feather sanded, in order to smooth the edges, and rough up the wood to provide more surface area for the primer to stick to. 


  •   Full primer coatFull primer coat on all bare wood and other areas where paint is failing, for better paint adhesion and to prevent rust spots

    Bare wood areas that have been scraped and sanded will be spot primed using a high quality primer. The areas that are badly chalking, meaning discolored light areas that you can touch and get pigment on your hand will be spot primed. Primer is oil based and soaks into the wood better than latex paint, it creates a glue between the wood and the paint that will give you a long lasting job.


  •   Seal and caulkSeal nail holes, fascia and siding cracks, and around windows using Sherwin Williams Shermax 100% acrylic lifetime warranty caulking. Shermax Premium elastomeric sealant featuring +/- 35% stretch; excellent flexibility and performance; is the best latex choice for exterior applications.
    • Use on doors, windows, crown molding, trim, siding
    • Interior / exterior sealing jobs
    • Excellent durability - lifetime warranty
    • Water/weatherproof seal
    • Crackproof seal
    • Paintable
    • Excellent flexibility & adhesion -- +/- 35% joint stretch
    • Tested to meet & exceed federal performance specifications for sealants