Our Guarantee

Our GuaranteeAt Ace of Diamonds Painting we're passionate about our work. We're hard-working, detail oriented and dedicated to our craft. To prove it we offer a 3 year warranty on all of our work, which INCLUDES materials and labor! That makes it the best limited warranty around. We are also proud to offer an extended warranty covering our work for 5 years. Be sure to ask a professional from Ace of Diamonds for details during your estimate.

Though we offer a great warranty, we do the work right the first time and have very few warranty claims, unlike many other companies who offer seemingly longer warranties but have multiple claims on almost every job. Additionally, should you have any need for warranty work, we stand by our work and repairs are easy to schedule and completed efficiently. Many other companies have a warranty claim process that is tedious, can take months and discourages customers from making warranty claims.